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Selling is about people. Yes. We know you want to meet your quotas. But for that, you need to interact with your customers and help them get to their goals. Technological advances have created may new ways to interact. In spite of all this, talking to people is the best way to connect and form a rapport. 


When you pick up the phone and call your prospects, you have opportunities to understand them better and create a rapport. You can help them make an informed buying decision. It is this personal connection that helps you build relationships which in turn,  drives referrals and repeat orders.


Emails work great for formal communication but when you are trying to get your relationship off the ground, it is great to talk and maybe even text (SMS). These early conversations and messages not only help you understand the buyer’s needs but also set a context for future transactions.


In order to really benefit from these conversations, it is important to track them in your CRM. However, tracking SMS and calls in Zoho CRM can be a little involved. Sure, you can get a cloud based phone system for your company and in many cases it helps you track your calls and SMSes. But that could end up costing you 1000s of dollars for a small sized team.


If you wanted to use your regular mobile phone with your carrier plan, there was no good way to track your client calls and SMSes till now.


Enter RoloCRM. With RoloCRM, you can use the mobile connection that you already have and track your calls and SMSes on Zoho CRM. As you go about talking to your clients and prospects over calls and SMSes, they will get added to Zoho CRM automatically. No need to copy paste.


RoloCRM is extremely easy to use. The app looks like the stock dialler on your Android phone. You can make calls and send SMSes just like on your phone. But the magic happens when you swipe on any row.

Swipe on any row to get an easy menu. Send SMS easily.


What is the use of keeping your CRM updated if you cannot access it when your customer calls? That is why we created the Roloscope. Roloscope is a floating bubble that appears during a call. Tap on it and you get complete contact history from Zoho CRM. No more searching frantically as you are answering a call.

Tap on the floating badge that appears during a call. You will get instant access to client history from CRM.

This is not all. RoloCRM has a whole bunch of features including SMS scheduling and a business card reader. Head over to the Google Play and download RoloCRM today. We will take care of the CRM so that you will be free to focus on the best part of sales – selling!


  • Michael D Petrovich Jr
    July 16, 2018 Reply

    Love this. Will you be integrating with Agile crm in the future?

    • rolocrm
      September 27, 2018 Reply

      Thank you! We are working on more integrations. Agile is in the pipeline.

  • Tim Ryan
    November 9, 2018 Reply

    Will this please a recording of the call and a transcript of the sms messages in zoho?

    • rolocrm
      December 20, 2018 Reply

      Sorry for the delayed response. RoloCRM does not record calls. But SMSes get logged on Zoho. We are working on integrating with business phone systems. At that time, call recording will become available.

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