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A Complete Tool-belt

A complete tool-belt that helps you manage and track customer interactions. You can add tasks, events and more. You can also track physical visits (using address from GPS).


Easy To Use

RoloCRM looks just like your dialer and SMS app. Just swipe right to add more information to your CRM. With RoloCRM, there is no need for your team to learn a new UI.

Auto-log Calls & SMS

RoloCRM automatically logs your client calls and SMSes into your CRM. You don’t have to copy-paste SMS messages. Focus on the deals, not the CRM.

CallerID With CRM Info

When you get a call from a client, RoloCRM displays a floating badge called the Roloscope. Just tap the badge to get instant access to client history. You do not have to frantically lookup details from another app.

Other Awesome Features

Maintain one address book for your entire company

Share contacts only with employees who need to know

Block access when employees resign

Transfer all information to new employee

Know when your employees miss customer calls

Know who said what to your customers

Follow up using reminders and scheduled SMS

Know why a customer is calling before you answer

Works with your favorite CRMs

Learn how different types of businesses use RoloCRM

Real Estate

The best way to manage your listings and prospects. Inventory management, automatic lead capture, visit tracking and more.

Small Business

CRMs are too complex. Contact managers are too simple. Spreadsheets are not enough. RoloCRM is just right!

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7-day free trial. No credit card required