How Wisdom Properties Discovered The Secret To Painless CRM using RoloCRM

About Wisdom Properties

Wisdom Properties is a leading real estate developer and has promoted several projects in and around Chennai, India. Prior to RoloCRM, Wisdom properties was using a combination of a homegrown application and spreadsheets to manage customer and project information. Wisdom Properties needed a reliable, easy to use solution and found RoloCRM best for their Real Estate business.


The team at Wisdom Properties was using a legacy, custom-built application to track customers. The application was running on a single desktop at their office. Running status information was updated as notes in the application. The problem was many fold.

1. The application had to be manually updated when a new lead came through. Executives continued to add contacts to their phone’s address book but were not as diligent in updating the application. As a result, they did not have a complete database of customer information.

2. It was difficult to see customer history when talking to a customer. Sales executives had to depend on offline notes and get help from colleagues to piece together the customer history. This led to a lot of delays, inefficiencies and even dropped leads.

3. Team changes were disruptive: When a new executive joined the team, there was no easy way to catch up on the history. When an executive changed role or left the organization, there was no easy transition for the leads handled by the executive.

While these challenges were surmountable in the early days, it became a show stopper as Wisdom Properties started expanding rapidly. They were getting leads from multiple sources and had multiple projects in the pipeline with different offerings including plots and villas. They needed a solution that would not only help them with their current challenges but also get the entire organisation ready for the upcoming growth trajectory.


1. Inventory Management: Wisdom Properties needed an easy way to manage, and view their entire inventory at a glance.

2. Lead Management: Leads were flowing from multiple sources like phone calls, website visits and ad campaigns on real estate portals. They needed a way to automatically consolidate and track these leads.

3. Field Activity Tracking: Sales executives had to do field activities like site visits and document collection. They needed a way to track these activities.

4. Unified View of Contact Interactions: They needed a way to track all the interactions with a contact and have it available easily during times of need.

5. They needed a reporting framework to review daily activities, understand activity progress on the incoming leads and transactional progress for any bookings.

6. Sales commission for external agents was managed offline and made it difficult for the management team to track progress on referrals.

7. Customers wanted to access a self-service portal where they could get details about the property booked, parent documents, documents related to the property purchased and refer leads for loyalty customers.

The Hunt For a CRM

Wisdom Properties evaluated multiple CRMs.
1. The popular CRMs like Salesforce lacked the features that they needed for their industry. For example, it is not easy to integrate leads from estate portals like MagicBricks or IndiaProperty. There was no way to track the payments that their executives collected for booking.

2. The real estate specific CRMs were not user friendly. There was a lot to learn and remember for day to day tasks. There was a genuine fear that executives would spend a significant portion of their time on the CRM and not the selling. Worse, they could stop using the CRM altogether which would take Wisdom Properties back to square one.

RoloCRM Is The Answer

When the team at Wisdom Properties first saw the demo, they could not believe their eyes! They fell in love with the UI that gave them what they wanted, when they wanted and just stayed out of their way and let them focus on their business.

While RoloCRM met every one of their needs, what sealed the deal is the fact that everything was so easy to do.

The Caller ID feature on the RoloCRM mobile app made the entire history available to executives handling customer calls, at the touch of a button. When a customer calls, the executive handling the call is able to access the entire history for that customer with a single tap, using a caller ID bubble that appears on the screen.
“Once we rolled out our RoloCRM implementation, our sales process has become completely transparent. I am tracking leads from several sources in a single dashboard. I am able to see my team’s activities and follow up without asking anyone. It’s been a great transformation for our business.”

The Outcome

After implementing RoloCRM, Wisdom Properties saw immediate benefits

– The team was able to see leads flowing in from real estate portals and follow up immediately.

– The sales team was able to check and update inventory in real time, without having to call someone in the office.

– Collaboration became easier since the information is easily available to all stakeholders.

– The Admin was immediately notified when an enquiry call was missed and could follow up without losing time.

– The Admin was able to monitor daily activities and follow up without having to call everyone for a meeting.

The Complete Solution

RoloCRM is designed to capture all customer interactions through calls, SMS and email. RoloCRM includes a framework to capture activities of different types as part of the history for a given customer. This framework was extended to include other activities such as field visits by executives, site visits by customers, order bookings and payments made by customers.
The RoloCRM team put together a custom solution for Wisdom covering their requirements. With RoloCRM,

Rich customer history: All customer interactions are tracked as activities and includes the following for any customer

  1. Calls, SMS, Emails, Field activities, Site visits, Order bookings and Payments
  2. Calls, SMS and Emails were captured automatically and saved a lot of time for the executives, also eliminating a point of friction w.r.t. CRM adoption

Consolidated Address book: The entire address book which includes all customer contact information and any new leads generated is a shared entity and the admin manages the access to contacts for executives

  1. The admin can assign or re-assign a contact to an executive
  2. The admin can also manage access to contacts by adding or removing executives to/from the team.

Repository of Projects: RoloCRM has allowed the Wisdom team to build a comprehensive repository of projects where detailed information about the projects is captured. For each project, plot or property level details are maintained and tracked in the CRM, making it easy to look up information about projects anywhere. Inventory is managed using the CRM and executives get real time information about availability of properties even in the field.

Lead Consolidation: Our integration with real estate listing portals such as Magicbricks, India Property,, 99 Acres has helped consolidate all leads from these portals into the CRM. Moreover, these leads are automatically assigned to one of the executives for follow up.

Field Activity Tracking: With location awareness built into the CRM, executives were able to easily the tag the locations for their meetings with customers. In addition, executives were able to use the trip tracking feature to capture their field activities for the day or any chosen time period.

Telephony Integration: Our telephony integration has automatically routed call information from the cloud based IVR to the CRM. When a call is missed, the admin gets an instant alert on the mobile app. For completed calls, complete information including the actual caller’s phone number and a recording of the call is made available as part of the customer history for review and auditing.

Reporting: With the reporting function, the admin was able to get a good understanding of the activities of executives related to leads and customers in real time. The admin was able to track the status of all incoming leads across different sources and follow up with executives as needed. Executives were able to quickly shortlist leads which needed follow up, and plan their activities.

Sales Commission: The admin had the flexibility to configure the sales commission, as appropriate, for properties in different projects. The sales commission is applied at the time of sale whenever a property is marked as booked and the agent who made the referral gets the credit automatically.

Customer Portal: Customers are able to login and view the status of their property transactions. They are able to view the parent documents for a given property and the documents related to the transaction such as payment receipts, sale deed etc.

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