RoloCRM is packed with features that will improve your telecalling performance. That is why RoloCRM is trusted by companies across a variety of industries including Financial Services, Real Estate, Education and Healthcare.


Advanced Contact Management

Call Queues

Every time you assign a set of contacts to a caller, you can group them into a call queue. For example, you can assign all leads from a particular source to a call queue

Churn Unconnected Calls

What happens when a call does not get connected?


Roloscope - Powerful CallerID

Just tap the floating badge that appears when you make or receive a call. You will get instant access to complete client history.

Callback Handling

What happens when a prospect returns your call?


Missed Call Alerts

Advanced missed call alerts that notifies you when your team member misses a call from customer. Don’t let any lead slip through the cracks!


Know who said what to a customer

RoloCRM tracks the complete history of all interactions with a contact. Calls, SMS and Emails are automatically logged. This means that at any point in time, you know who has spoken to a customer and what they have told them.


Easy To Use

RoloCRM is thoughtfully designed and architected to make your life easier. Telecallers love using it. That means more data and improved performance!


Task Manager

Use the in-built task manager to work together with your team to wow your customers. A simple, but powerful way to ensure that you keep every promise you make to your customers.



Set reminders immediately after a call or when you get an SMS. You can also send reminders to people who are not on RoloCRM. Events can be integrated with Google Calendar.

SMS Scheduler

Type an SMS message now and schedule it for later. Useful to remind clients about upcoming meetings or deadlines.

Trip Tracking

Planning multiple customer visits in a day? Want to log each one of them and track your timelines and mileage? The in built trip tracker can help you track your daily routes.


Easy Menu

Swipe right on any row to reveal a quick-action menu. The EZ Menu gives you easy access to tasks, notes, events, and SMS scheduler.


A Complete Tool-belt

A complete tool-belt that helps you manage and track customer interactions. You can add events, track physical visits (using address from GPS) and a lot more.


Business Card Reader

In-built business card scanner. Helps you turn the business cards on your desk to contacts on your CRM.

RoloCRM On The Web

All the powerful features of RoloCRM on your desktop and mobile. When you need to look at the bigger picture, you need a bigger screen.


Our reporting module helps you understand how your team is performing, diagnose problem areas and improve performance.

Efficient, Economical and Great Customer Support

"We use RoloCRM just for the auto dialer. It helps us get through more calls in a day. It also helps in allocating/sorting the calls to different members of our sales team. Since all calls go through the SIM on our callers’ phones, we don’t have to pay separately for minutes. Best of all, the customer support is top-notch..”
Director at 2IIM

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