RoloCRM For Outbound Call Tracking

RoloCRM is the simplest and most powerful solution to keep track of
outbound calling. With RoloCRMs intelligent call queue feature your agents can call more and convert better.

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Very Useful App with Good Customer Support

"RoloCRM is really easy to use and is very useful for managing the collective business contacts of our whole team. Good Work Team RoloCRM! Setting up was painless and needed no tech background plus the Rolo team was always available to patiently answer all our questions.”
Yuzdi N. Badhniwalla
Founder at The DiMaAg

Do You have any of these problems?

Are you worried that your callers are not calling the leads you give them?

Do you know if your callers are following up on numbers that don’t connect for the first time?

You get leads for many sources but you don’t know which source gives you better conversions.

Are your callers spending too much time dialing numbers and updating status instead of actually converting leads?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you should get RoloCRM. With RoloCRM,  you will improve sales performance & enhance agent productivity.

Intelligent Auto Dialer

An intelligent dialer that helps your callers breeze through their daily calls effortlessly 

  • Automatically dials the next number when a call is complete.
  • Automatically schedules RNR (ringing not responding) calls for later.
  • Change disposition or add notes at the end of a connected call.
  • Pause and Resume Dialing To Accommodate Breaks
  • Set appointments for follow-up

Easy Lead Import

It does not matter where you get your leads from, you can get them into RoloCRM easily.

  • Web-Forms
  • Lead ads from FB, Adwords
  • Listing sites like sulekha and just dial
  • Excel sheets and Google Drive

Automatic Lead Assignment

You don’t have to manually assign leads to agents. We take care of that for you.

  • Round robin assignment
  • Rule based assignment with support for custom rules

Reports & Analytics

Detailed analytics that give you critical insights about your performance and help you improve your productivity.

  • Call Quality Report - How many leads did you connect with? Did you follow up on those leads that you could not connect to?
  • Lead Quality Report - How good were the leads that you got? Were you able to connect with all of them? What fraction showed no interest?
  • Conversion Efficiency - How well did your callers convert the leads that were interested? Which rep is performing better? Who needs help?

CRM Integrations

What happens after you convert a lead? How do you track the lead to conversion? With RoloCRM you can either use our in-built feature-rich CRM or get your leads into a CRM that you already use. We integrate with Zoho, Hubspot, Freshsales and more.

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