RoloCRM Updates – Q4 2020

RoloCRM Updates

It has been a great year for RoloCRM. We had interesting conversations with some of you. We identified newer ways to make RoloCRM work harder for you. We have added powerful features that will enhance the outcomes from your telecalling team.

Facebook lead ads integration: Leads from your Facebook ads can now be automatically brought into RoloCRM. RoloCRM will also assign these leads to your callers automatically.

Automatic SMS after calls: Do you want to send an automated message to your leads after a call? Maybe give them more information about your product? You can do that now on RoloCRM. You can tailor the content of the messages based on the outcome of the call.

Improved support for call recording: Call recording is now supported on more phones. We have also introduced a new way to alert you if the call recording feature stops working on a caller’s phone.

Custom Fields: If you want to add custom fields for your contacts, you can do so from RoloCRM. You can filter contacts by the custom fields you create from within the app

Priority Leads: You may want to respond to some leads faster than the others. For example, when a prospect fills out a form on your website, it is better to call them back ASAP. That’s why we built priority leads. Priority leads have their own dedicated section in the app. When there is a new priority lead, you are notified immediately so that you can act on it quickly.

Recycling Leads: What do you do with old leads that you have not yet been able to reach? Would you like to give them another shot? You can, with our new ‘recycle’ functionality. See this video for further details.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We are working on new exciting stuff that will be available in 2021.

What would you like us to do next? Let us know. Write to us at [email protected].