Logging Visits On RoloCRM

If you visit your customers at their physical location, you now have a way to track that in RoloCRM. The address is automatically added from GPS Location.

You know by now that we do an awesome job tracking calls and SMS messages on RoloCRM.

But not all businesses revolve around just calls and SMSes. What happens if your salespersons actually visit your prospects multiple times before they can close a deal? How do you track that?

That’s why we created visits. You can now log visits on RoloCRM.
Logging Visits in RoloCRM

I can see you asking – What’s the big deal about it? Well, I am glad you asked.

You see, with RoloCRM, we can automatically detect where you are meeting your customer. Just hit the visit button and write your note, we will log your location.
How to log a visit in RoloCRM

Go ahead and try it and let us know what you think. What can we do better? What can we add? We would love to hear what you think!


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