How EasyKrishi Increased Customer Satisfaction Using RoloCRM

About EasyKrishi

EasyKrishi is an agri-tech startup working towards bridging the agri-info gap within rural India. EasyKrishi uses technology-based interventions in order to aggregate demand from the farmers and streamline the required supply back to them. EasyKrishi’s work benefits 8000 farmers. As a recognition of their social impact, they have been declared as Technology partner of Karnataka Agricultural Price Commission, incubated by Karnataka Government and identified as NABARD Partner for Farmer Producers Organizations.


EasyKrishi’s mobile app helps farmer leaders aggregate both the demand for inputs (seeds etc) and the supply of outputs. But, frequently, the team at EasyKrishi uses a phone call to connect with their rural stakeholders. Orders that were placed over phone calls were not tracked properly in the system.  In addition, they needed a simple task management system to ensure that all requirements were tracked to closure. To summarize

1. The team was not operating to its full potential.  Trying to correlate orders logged via the app and via phone calls cause delays and missed information.

2.The management did not have a clear view of what was happening on the ground. There was no way to understand who was overworked and needed help.

3. Tasks were verbally assigned and tracked. Given that everyone was always busy, it was not possible to track all tasks to completion.

While it was clear that EasyKrishi needed a system to track everything, the choice of a system was not easy.


There were three main requirements that EasyKrishi had

1. Core Functionality: The main features that they needed were, automatic call-logging, reporting and task management.

2. Ease of Use: While the team at EasyKrishi is extremely tech-savvy, they just did not have the bandwidth to figure out how a new tool worked. They were looking for an app that is intuitive and easy to use.

3. Mobile first: The team at EasyKrishi is always on the move. It is important for the solution to be mobile-centric.

The RoloCRM Solution

Prabhav, the CEO of EasyKrishi and Chandra, the CTO were impressed with RoloCRM from the get-go. The ability to swipe on any call, SMS or a contact to add a note, task or event was a game-changer!

RoloCRM checked all their boxes

1. Automatic call logging ensured that all customer calls were tracked. At the end of the first week, the reports clearly indicated that one of their key team members was stretched thin. He was spending a lot of time fielding customer calls and answering queries.

2. Everyone instantly understood how to use the app. The dialer-like UI made it easier for them to hit the ground running.

3. RoloCRM’s in-built task manager helps Prabhav assign and track tasks to closure. He is now confident that he has a system in place to ensure that there is no slip-up.
“Because it automatically logs customer calls, RoloCRM gave me instant insight into our workload distribution. Once I had this info, I was able to make changes that helped us respond better to our customers. The team at RoloCRM has been very responsive to our requests. I highly recommend RoloCRM for anyone who is looking for a simple, powerful CRM.”

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