RoloCRM Updates – Q4 2019


What a great year it was for RoloCRM! During the fourth quarter of 2019, we dug deep. We have added features to RoloCRM that would help you do more for your customers.

Enhanced Task Management With Automatic Check-in: Exciting news! You can now add a location to a task (learn more). When your employee reaches the location, they will be prompted to check-in and RoloCRM will automatically show you how much time they spent at the location. We have also added support for recurring tasks. For example, your monthly invoice to a customer can now be a recurring task for your team member. You can track this task to completion.

Intelligent Call Queue: If you use tele-calling in any part of your business, this will interest you. We have put together an amazing package that will help your callers convert better and faster. You will know exactly how many leads were called and how long your callers are talking to each one of them – real time! To learn more, click here.

Improved Activity History: Do you want to know what Events and Tasks have been scheduled for a customer? Well, update to the latest version of RoloCRM and you will be able to see all that information in the interaction history of the contact. You can view it by checking the detailed view of a contact.

Single User Plan: Based on popular demand, we have added a single user plan. For details, visit our pricing page.

Improved Search: How often do we remember some details about a contact but not the name of the contact itself? We can narrow down our contacts based on tags, custom fields, email or address on the RoloCRM mobile app.

What would you like us to do next? Let us know. Write to us at [email protected].