RoloCRM Update – June 2019


In the month of June, we have developed the following features and rolled them out:

Audit Trail for User Login: We have made it easy for admins to detect unauthorised access to RoloCRM. Whenever a user logs in, the admin receives an email alert with details about the logged in device, IP address and location of user. The admin can also see this info for each user under “Manage Users”/”Team”.

Reports: We have added Excel-like filters to Reports. You can now filter every column of a report by data under that Column. See screenshots below for illustration.

Event Management: You can mark completed events as Done. Please note that events marked as Done are archived and can’t be accessed anymore. Comment can be added to capture additional information about the occurrence of an event.

Recurring Reminders: We know you have been using multiple reminders for recurring action items. With support for recurring events, you don’t need to do that anymore. Just set the Repeat field for any event to the needed frequency.

Tags: You can now tag contacts for easy sorting and classification. Just add the tags when you add or edit a contact. You can search also search for a contact by tags.

Rebound: If someone from your team misses a call from a customer, you will get notified so that you can pick it up and run with it. Individual notifications are available for scheduled SMS.

In other major developments, we are back on Google Play store with the functionality you know and have come to expect. The iPhone version of RoloCRM app is progressing and the date for rollout will be set soon.