What is RoloCRM?

RoloCRM is an app that adds automation capabilities to CRMs like Zoho and Hubspot.

RoloCRM is an app that helps businesses automatically log calls and SMSes on to their CRMs and automatically retrieve CRM information during calls. Simply put, RoloCRM is an add on for CRMs that helps business users automative multiple mundane tasks. 

Who Uses RoloCRM?

RoloCRM is an add-on application meant for businesses that use CRMs. Especially, businesses that need to track customer calls and SMS messages on their CRM.

How Does the Auto Call and SMS Log Feature Work?

Automatic Call Logging

  1. Make a Call To a Customer
  2. Open Zoho CRM.
  3. Navigate to Customer contact’s timeline
  4. The call will be visible (automatically logged) under the customer contact’s timeline.

Automatic SMS Logging

  1. Make a Call To a Customer
  2. Open Zoho CRM.
  3. Navigate to Customer contact’s timeline
  4. The call will be visible (automatically logged) under the customer contact’s timeline.

How Much Effort Does Auto Logging Save?

ActivityWithout RoloCRMWith RoloCRM
Call Logging
  1. Open Call Log
  2. Note Down Contact Information, Call Duration and Date
  3. Open CRM
  4. Manually Enter Information
SMS Logging
  1. Open SMS Log
  2. Note Down Contact Information and Date
  3. Copy SMS content
  4. Open CRM
  5. Manually Enter Date
  6. Paste SMS Content

How Does the Caller ID Feature Work?

  1. Enable Roloscope (Note: The CallerID is called ‘The Roloscope’) – Menu -> Settings -> Roloscope
  2. When the user receives or makes a call on the phone, a caller ID bubble will be displayed for the client.
  3. Tapping this bubble will display the CRM history for this contact covering any calls, SMS, notes and reminders related to this client. 

How Much Effort Caller ID Save?

Without RoloCRMWith RoloCRM
  1. Open the CRM App
  2. Search for the person you are speaking with.
  3. Open up activity screen
Tap the Caller ID Bubble.

How Do We Use The Permissions?

READ_CALL_LOG, READ_PHONE_STATE, PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLSAutomatically log customer calls to CRMAutomation
READ_SMS, RECEIVE_SMSAutomatically log customer SMS to CRMAutomation
PROCESS_OUTGOING_CALLSCaller ID that shows customer history from CRM during calls.Caller ID
SEND_SMSCompose an SMS to a customer, Set a Schedule. RoloCRM will automatically send the SMS at the appointed time and  and log that SMS to CRM.Automation
SEND_SMSCompose and Send and SMS to a customer and automatically log that SMS to CRMAutomation

How Does RoloCRM help businesses?

Small and Medium Businesses worldwide face two problems when it comes to CRMs.

1. Sales teams don’t update information in a CRM regularly. This leads to a lack of information, which in turn leads to poor decision making and missed opportunities.

The root cause for this, is a complicated software environment.

Salespersons spend a lot of time calling and SMSing their clients. In order to update their CRM, they have to juggle between their dialer/SMS and their CRM app and perform a complicated copy-paste routine.

RoloCRM automatically logs all customer calls and SMS messages. This results in more information and better decision making

2. Information stored in the CRM is not easily accessible during critical times. This leads to delays.

Once again, this is due to a complicated software environment.

It is very difficult to open a CRM app in the middle of a customer call and search for customer records and access history.

RoloCRM automatically fetches customer information from CRM and displays this information on a  in an enhanced caller ID. This leads to quicker and efficient decision making.

How Do I Install and Start Using RoloCRM?