RoloCRM + Hubspot - Setup Guide


This guide will show you how to setup RoloCRM to work with Hubspot. It is extremely easy to do.  But first, a quick tour of RoloCRM. RoloCRM does a lot more than auto-log calls and SMS messages. You may find some of these features useful.


1. Automatic Call & SMS Logging

RoloCRM automatically logs all customer calls and SMSes to CRM. Note: You do not have to use the app for the auto-logging functionality, but we recommend it.

2. Easy To Use

RoloCRM looks like the dialer and SMS app on your Android phone. There is nothing new to learn. If you can use your phone, you can use RoloCRM!


3. Innovative UI

If you want to add a note or a reminder to a contact after a call, just swipe right!


This helps users in two ways. First, it removes the need for CRM training – if you know how to use your dialer/SMS, you know how to use the CRM! Second, it lets users update their CRM as they go along with their daily routine of calling and messaging their clients.

3. Roloscope

The Roloscope is a floating bubble that appears during client calls. Tapping on the Roloscope displays client history from Hubspot.


4. SMS Scheduler

You can type out SMS messages and schedule them to be sent later. The SMS scheduler can help you set up reminders for customer meetings and bill payments.


Instructions for Download and Install

It is really easy to setup RoloCRM to work with Hubspot. You just need to download RoloCRM from Google Play and follow the on-screen instructions.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please carefully view the first image below before you download the app. Note that on the second screen, YOU HAVE TO CHOOSE ‘INTEGRATE’ (AT THE BOTTOM).  DO NOT CHOOSE REGISTER

To get started, download the mobile app from –
Follow the instructions below.

Select Hubspot and login using your Hubspot credentials

Allow RoloCRM to manage Calls and SMS messages

RoloCRM automatically imports all your Hubspot contacts once you setup Hubspot with RoloCRM.

Contacts in RoloCRM

You can add contacts using the RoloCRM mobile app or directly using Hubspot. You’ll find Import Contacts under Settings>Contacts in the RoloCRM mobile app.

How do team members login to RoloCRM team once the account is set up

Once the administrator registers for an account, team members can directly login to RoloCRM. They just need to install the RoloCRM mobile app and choose Login. No need to register.

Anyone from the team can login to the RoloCRM app directly using the email id registered with Hubspot.

How call logging works

When you make a call or receive a call from a customer, RoloCRM automatically logs the call to Hubspot.

How SMS logging works

When you send an SMS or receive an SMS from a customer, RoloCRM automatically logs the SMS to Hubspot.