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"RoloCRM is really easy to use and is very useful for managing the collective business contacts of our whole team. Good Work Team RoloCRM! Setting up was painless and needed no tech background plus the Rolo team was always available to patiently answer all our questions.”
Yuzdi N. Badhniwalla
Founder at The DiMaAg

Why RoloCRM?

Automatically Log Calls & SMS on Freshsales

1-Touch Access To Customer History During Calls

SMS Scheduler & Business Card Scanner

Automatically Log Emails To Freshsales

Sync Customer Contacts With Your Phone

Using RoloCRM, you can add your contacts to Freshsales. If a new prospect calls you on your phone, you can add the number to Freshsales instantly.

Auto-log conversations To Freshsales

When you are on a call with a Freshsales contact, we automatically fetch your history with the contact from Freshsales and display it on a caller ID

CallerID With Freshsales History

When you get a call from a client, RoloCRM displays a floating badge called the Roloscope. Just tap the badge to get instant access to client history. You do not have to frantically lookup details from another app.

Easy To Use

RoloCRM looks just like your dialer and SMS app. Just swipe right to add more information to your CRM. With RoloCRM, there is no need for your team to learn a new UI.

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7-day free trial. No credit card required