Rolo Helps You Manage Contacts Like a Pro With An Easy To Use App

Chennai, India February 16, 2017

Strong professional relationships are at the core of everything you do. Whether you are selling to prospects, providing customer service or strengthening your network, Rolo helps you have productive conversations and build better relationships with people who matter.

You do not have to be a big business with a large budget to manage your relationships like a professional. You do not need multiple apps to track your your  personal and professional interactions. Rolo brings your dialer, contacts, calls, SMS, notes, reminders and business cards together to help you get a complete picture. 

Rolo Manages Your Contacts

Your address book is fragmented across multiple sources – Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter etc. Rolo helps you consolidate all your contacts in one place. Rolo’s in-built business card scanner goes the extra mile and moves your paper contacts to the digital world.

What is more, Rolo uses its own proprietary technology to combine duplicate contacts in your address book.

In other apps, turning a called number to a contact is cumbersome. There are forms to fill! With Rolo’s EZ Add, it is very easy to add a called number to your contact. Just tap a ‘+’ and type a name. That is it!

Rolo is Much More Than a Contact Manager

At first glance, Rolo looks like any other address book or a contact manager. It shows your contacts and merges them. You can view your call logs, SMS logs. You can make calls and send SMS.

Beneath all this, Rolo packs a powerful punch. Rolo has a cool slide-out EZ Menu under every call log that lets you add notes and reminders for a contact. With this, Rolo becomes the only place where you need to write and maintain notes about your friends or colleagues. Reminders eliminate the need for a separate to-do app.

Rolo is a Professional Relationship Manager

The people you know are much more than entries in your address book. Interactions like messages, appointments and calls give you a holistic view of your relationships.

Ever had to search frantically for your notes just as you get a client call? Then you will love the Roloscope. The Roloscope is a floating button that pops up on your screen anytime you get a call. Tap on the Roloscope to get a complete history of all your calls, SMS, notes and emails Make small talk like a pro! Recall every little detail of your past interactions. Make every customer feel special. Watch your business skyrocket.

Now it is easier to remind your customers of a pending invoice or simply wish them a happy birthday. Draft an SMS message now and schedule it for sending. Rolo will deliver it for you at the right time.

We know that nothing gets done without a follow-up. Now you can stop worrying about follow-ups. When you assign a task, you can set reminders not just for you but for your colleagues as well Leave it to Rolo and focus on the stuff that matters. When it is time, Rolo will not only remind you but will remind your colleague with a friendly SMS.

Rolo Backs Up Your Interactions Securely

Upgrade to Rolo Premium and buy ultimate peace of mind. Rolo backs up your contacts, call records and SMS. When you switch to a new phone, all you have to do is install Rolo and you are ready.

World Class Product - Designed & Developed In India

Rolo is the ultimate combination of form and function. Rolo is not only the most powerful app in the market but it is the easiest to use. Just install and start using the dialer. Keep discovering features as you go along. Enjoy the slick UI.

Upgrade to Rolo Premium and express yourself with our awesome themes.


Rolo is available for Android phones running on OS KitKat or later. It is available on Google Play at

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